Our Philosophy

Continuity Theory is the social and psychological framework that forms the guiding principle of Serenity Gardens. The Continuity Theory of normal aging infers the following:

–  Healthy adults try to maintain similar activities, behaviours, personalities, and relationships as they did in their earlier more productive years of life. According to the theory, older adults try to maintain this continuity of lifestyle by correlating current conditions with experiences of the past.

–  In their later years, adults tend to use continuity as an adaptive strategy to deal, with challenges that occur during normal aging. The theory has excellent potential for explaining how individuals adjust to their changing environment. Changes come about as aging persons reflect upon and adapt past experiences as the basis for setting future goals.

Operating within the above framework will provide employees of Serenity Gardens with the tools to assist our clients in making a smooth transition from the familiarity of their home life to residential/assisted living.

We will adhere to this framework by striving to maintain a sense of our clients' past lives, despite challenges, and inclusive of health and social functioning issues.

It is the desire of Serenity Gardens to foster positive thought processes and relationships, to form a bridge between past and present, and to anticipate future patterns of behaviour for all residents of the home.